Painting is creative and stress – free with our teams of home painters

Painting your home can be quite exciting and creative work, but it can also be seriously risky, time-consuming and exhausting process leaving you dissatisfied with a outcome at the end of it. This is particularly important if you are painting walls in your company or offices or if you want to get a fresh new exterior of your residence.
son-nha-dep (2)Considering the significant amount of time and money wall decoration requires, you should get it done properly. Hiring professional and experienced residential house painters is the best solution, but it is important to choose a person or a company you can rely on. Investing a significant amount of money and facing the results that don’t match your expectations is the last thing you want to experience.
Aware of the importance of the task and the responsibility given into our hand, our company of painting contractors has been passionately dedicated to our field of work and our customers for years so far. Our good reputation, a large number of contented clients and a huge collection of successfully conducted projects are a proof of our quality. If you are looking for a professional help you can trust and a reliable partner and co-creator of a new design of your interior or exterior, our teams of home painters are the people to turn to.
cache_8911895We work as a team highly professional, experienced, responsible and dedicated to every detail written in client’s proposal until we come up with high-quality results completely adjusted to our client’s wishes, needs and financial possibilities.

Every project begins with a thorough conversation with the client, precise analyzing of the object that needs to be painted and the condition we are expected to work in. If the client has already specified all the properties of the project, our teams of home painters will promptly approach the realization of it.
If the client is still uncertain about the best solution, our trained experts will go through the problems together with the client, suggest the most suitable ideas and help the client come up with the proposal that meets the wishes and the quality standards.
TINTAWe can paint the interior of any room, house or building we are required, but we are also capable of conducting all the work around the exterior of the residency or commercial building.
Before our teams get to work, we will discuss with the client and help him choose the best color pallets, the best material and finishing for each room and all the aspects of the project, such as time limits and total costs will be precisely determined. After that, no need to worry, because we keep our word and meet your expectations.
When painting your interior, our teams will prepare the place, protect your furniture, adjust the walls and fix potential problems, do the actual painting, clear afterward and review the outcome for potential corrections required.
Similar approach refers to painting exterior. We wash and fully prepare the surfaces, paint with high-quality paint that will stand the climate and last without fading. home_painting_tips_header1All the cleaning after the job is done is our duty. When working with our teams of home painters, you are free from stress, and you can rest assured the outcome will fully match your expectations specified at the beginning of the process.

How Much Does it Cost to Paint a House?

In general, the cost of interior painting is probably going to be about $2.50 per square foot of floor space. For a 12×14 ft. room the cost is likely to be $420. What goes into the determination of that price? Let’s see if we can figure it out.
Happy family painting walls.First of all there is paint cost. If you haven’t bought paint you are in for a major case of sticker shock. Paints range in 3 major categories: contractor grade, premium, and ultra-premium grade. That cost can range from $25/gallon to $70/gallon. Yes that’s right $70!! Now, how much paint will it take to paint a room that size? Well it depends; how many colors will you use?
Standard answers are white on the ceiling, white on the woodwork and a color on the walls. Since a gallon of paint covers 400 sq. ft. as a guideline, this could easily require 4 gallons for that room.
The ceiling is 168 sq. x 2 coats= 340 sq. or 1 gallon. The walls are 12+12+14+14x8ft.high = 416 x 2 coats = 2 gallons. Trim (baseboards, doors, windows and moldings) is usually a glossier finish requiring yet another gallon of paint.
Happy woman paint wall at home.Therefore we have 4 gallons at a cost ranging from $100 to almost $300. The paint store will recommend the most expensive line but, make the choice yourself based upon your budget.
There are many other variables to consider however.The condition of the walls is a big factor. If there are nail pops or cracks, that adds to the time spent in repairs. TIP-TOP-PAINTING-best-rate-best-services-56d49805058e191a167aCracks above doors or in the center of the ceiling require a lot of attention to keep from returning. This is yet another factor in determining interior painting prices.
Trim is another issue that can add appreciably to the cost especially if there is crown molding that requires “cut work” above and below and chair rails bring the same issue. A 5′ baseboard will take longer to paint than a 3″ one. The type of doors and windows are also something to consider.
A flat door will take less time than a 6-panel door and a French door will take even longer. Similarly, a vinyl window with just a wooden sill is pretty easy. A full wood window with 12 or 16 mullions is certainly going to take longer to paint.
You can help reduce your cost by preparing the room. Remove pictures and paintings from the walls. Gather small, fragile, valuable or sentimental items and place them in a box. Most painters should move the large furniture for you. Anything you can do will help but, even so, professional interior home painters cost money. However, the result is certainly worth it and you will not be disappointed with the work of professional painters, regardless to a final painting job or a preparation. Sometimes is the best thing to leave all the work to professionals – especially if you budget is not tight.